Spooksteeg The legend of spooky alley in Amsterdam

Spooksteeg - The legend of spooky alley in Amsterdam


The most famous urban legends in Amsterdam is the Spooksteeg ghost legend, which corresponds to a woman named Helena, a tanner’s daughter who lived in the 18th century, along with her father and sister named Dina.

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Old photo of Spooksteeg alley

The story goes that when a handsome sailor fell in love with Helena’s sister named Diana, who, overcome by jealousy, threw Diana into the tannery cellar, killing her and making her death seem like a tragic accident.

Some time later, Helena married the sailor, but it was not until her deathbed in 1753 that she confessed to her crime and pleaded for his forgiveness. Her husband refused to forgive her and cursed her soul to wander in misery for all eternity.

More than a hundred years after her death, Helena’s wails are still heard in the place where such a cruel crime is committed and many visitors have reported visions of her tortured ghost, wandering the dark alley where the tannery is located in those years. , unable to find peace.


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